Family Sharing currently distributes an average of 42,000 pounds of food to 600 Ozaukee County households every month.

 Each month we provide $5500 worth of other necessities from our resale shop including clothing, household items and furniture.

 In August, school supplies were given to 259 students.

 In October, we distributed 282 new winter coats to the children.

 In addition, we provide information to program participants regarding other services that are available to help them.

All items are distributed free of
charge, directly to those who are
in need in Ozaukee County

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider



1002 Overland Ct., Grafton
(East of 9th Avenue between
Hickory Street & Cedar Creek Road)
(Call before coming to Family Sharing
the first time to determine your
eligibility. Ask for Julie or Robin.)

Monday, 8:30am-11:45am
Tuesday, 2pm-5:45pm
Wednesday, 8:30am-11:45am



 You may visit the food pantry once every two weeks. At that time, you will receive enough food to last your household for approximately two weeks. Please, only ask for the food you will need for that period of time.

 Be sure to bring an up-to-date driver’s license and a current utility bill with your name and address. This is used to verify that you are a resident of Ozaukee County. At least once per year you will be asked to provide updated information—income/proof of residence.

 We ask that you arrive at the Food Pantry no sooner than the time it opens. There is no parking allowed on the Family Sharing parking lot prior to the pantry opening. It is important for you to arrive no later than 45 minutes before closing time. Please keep in mind that there are volunteers available to assist you when you are here. It is important to respect their need to leave here at a reasonable time.

 Each time you visit the food pantry you will need to sign a sheet, which remains in your file, to verify that you are eligible to receive food, and that you have received it. Beginning Oct. 1st, 2015, everyone will be asked to show documentation (ID) when they receive food.

 We provide a checklist for you to let us know which foods you would like, so we can give you the foods which you actually want and will use. Please make note—we probably won’t have every thing you are asking for. If we should give you something that you won’t use, please give it back to us so we can give it to a household who will use it.

 If something is wrong with the food we give you, please bring it back to us. We need to know so we can take spoiled food off the shelves.

 Be sure to take a look at the printed materials on the east wall—they provide information on helpful services which are available throughout the county—mostly free.

 We have created a library on the opposite wall for your use. You may take home one book per week to keep, or if you are not interested in keeping the book, just bring it back when you are through with it.

 In addition, there are magazines set out for your use. If you would like, feel free to take one magazine home per week.

 You are eligible to receive a voucher to use in the resale shop for necessities. A household of one receives $85 per year; a household of 2-3 receives $120 per year; 4 or more--$150 for the year. You may receive a voucher only during pantry hours; it is only good for the day it is issued. After July 1st, the amount is prorated.

 If you are in need of furniture, let us know. We may be able to help you with that. Furniture is not a part of the voucher system, so the value of the furniture is not deducted from your voucher.

 Your children must stay with you wherever you may be in the building. Help them to be good neighbors—help them pick up after themselves. Children must not be left alone in the store.